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Two 75th anniversaries have taken place in these past years. Back in 1974, that year marked the Haas-Jordan 75th anniversary being in the umbrella industry. Back in 2001, marked the 75th Anniversary of Westcott. During our move, we came across the following:

  • 1974: Haas-Jordan pack of letters written to the employees & industry friends by President ‘Bud’ H. Franklin Waltz
  • 2001: Westcott T-shirts made in honor the anniversary
Westcott 75th Anniversary - 2001 Anniversary Shirts

Westcott 75th Anniversary – 2001 Anniversary Shirts

The Letters

We wanted to go through and highlight some of the pieces from the letter that went out to friends in the industry as well as employees.

When our company was just a fledgling, Teddy Roosevelt was President, the horseless carriage had been recently invented, and a man’s conquest of flight was nothing more than a dream. Since that time, we have seen the inauguration of eleven new Presidents, lived through four wars, survived the depths of depression, and clung to the dizzying ride of spiraling inflation.

And one of our favorite quotes about the life and future of Haas-Jordan umbrellas:

We have no idea what the next 75 years hold in store, but we do know one thing for certain: THE RAINS WILL CONTINUE TO FALL! As long as man wishes to protect himself from this damp catalyst of life, we plan on being around the manufacture some form of portable protection, most often referred to as an umbrella.

Where will we be?

So if you have done the math, in 75 years that would make it 2049 (from the Haas-Jordan 75th anniversary in 1974). So we will ask the question – where will The F.J. Westcott Company be? Who knows. But as long as both Haas-Jordan Umbrellas are needed in the industry, and for Westcott, photographers require lighting products, we both plan on being around to see that 2049 roll around! And as it stood in 1974 as it does today:

…we would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers and suppliers for their cooperation and support…for you are the life blood of our business.

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