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During our big Westcott move, we had the pleasure of coming across some old memories and amazing nostalgia! This is part one of an ongoing series featuring goodies we find from our move.

The First Find

Our first find comes from President Tom Waltz while he was unpacking his office.

Many individuals don’t know the F.J. Westcott Company actually consists of two companies – Westcott and Haas-Jordan. Haas-Jordan is the fashion umbrella side of the company, which leads us to our first find.

1962 Jul/Aug Calendar & First Collapsible Fashion Umbrella

1962 Westcott Nostalgia

The item on the left is called the ‘Pocket-Brella”. This fantastic umbrella dates back to the early 1940s. It conveniently fits into this small box. This umbrella is designed to go directly in your pocket or glovebox. Coming with a complete instruction manual inside, this umbrella was revolutionary to the umbrella market.

The item on the right is the 1962 Jul/Aug Calendar distributed by Owens Corning (who has been around since 1938). What is so great about this calendar is the introduction of the fiberglass frame to the umbrella market which later fed into the photographic umbrella industry. Since the print is a bit small, here is what it says on the calendar:

A new practical advancement in golf umbrellas has recently been made by Haas-Jordan Company of Toledo, OH. The newest of golf umbrellas includes both the shaft and ribs of rush and corrosion proof Fiberglas-plastic. Because Fiberglas is dimensionally stable and will not expand or warp, golfers will experience no difficulties in opening or closing the umbrella after a round in the rain. Also, there’s great safety because the new shaft and framework are not electrical conductors.

 Haas-Jordan Рthe name between you and the rain

As it quoted on the ‘Pocket-Brella’, Haas-Jordan has been ‘the name between you and the rain’ since the 1940s. Still bringing beautiful umbrellas to the market, Haas-Jordan is the leading fashion umbrella provider in the market today. For more information on Haas-Jordan you can visit their website.

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