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So, the series continues!

This week we would like to highlight a little piece of history from 1988.

GMcGlynn Westcott HistoryThe Original Shootout

Back in 1988, Westcott – believe it or not – held shootout contests – EVEN THEN! Providing an experience for attendees has always been at the forefront. At Photo Plus in New York City, Westcott brought something amazing by hiring a model, offering a contest and naming a winner. The model was Gayle McGlynn.

You may notice there is a fabric covering our model’s head that is printed with Westcott logos. Westcott came up with this great idea of making a Westcott Ascot, we printed up quite a few and took them to the show. Originally we were giving these away at our booth to those who entered the contest, but during the shootout, a gentleman who was photographing our model suggested putting it around her face. The originality of this gentleman won him the shootout.

The Partnership

President Tom Waltz partnered with Fuji for this event allowing individuals to utilize Fuji for the shootout contest. Individuals would get a roll of film, come to the Westcott booth, shoot some images, then return to the Fuji booth for processing and prints. Once their images were processed, they would then return to the Westcott booth, give over their image where then a winner would be selected.


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