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Edenmore is a golf and country club with plenty of grounds for shooting opportunities.  The grounds and landscapes alone could take up the best part of a day (easily!).  Inside has one or two spots, including a grand stair case.  I knew I wanted to use these stairs as a feature, and I also knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of time to set up.

With being a busy place, taking up a lot of the foyer was never going to happen.  That said I still wanted to give it the works and use two Westcott stripboxes as rim lights, and the Westcott Apollo Orb as a key.  I also knew that I wanted to let in the ambient to add the atmosphere of the surroundings.

To save time I started to set up the 3 lights on stands, along with the PocketWizards (flexes), and light modifiers.  Using the new Sekonic R32-CTL chip inside the Sekonic L-358 meter I was able to meter the scene which is handy (I do like this feature, and use it all the time now that it is finally available to us “Off Camera Flashers”.

Once it was set up we (Emma and I), was only in position for 5 mins. I could have walked away knowing that I had some images to use after the first 2 minutes, but I pushed it until i got the impression that our stay was truly over.

I  was able to invite a very good friend and model (Emma), to model for me, which helped as Emma knows what I like in a shot so this helped!

I had power of the mind to take some set up shots, which I would like to share with you below.


Having studio quality products out on location has always been of great value to me, and before the Westcott tools the set up took time. And now?  Now it is as simple as putting up an umbrella! The full set up above took less than 3 minutes (including stands, PocketWizards, and Nikon SB900s) to set up 3 shapers, and only 5 mins tops to finish off by putting the lights into place.

This post was orginally posted by Jayce Clark on Sept. 20, 2012 on his blog.

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