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Matt Hernandez Back in September we had the opportunity to present another amazing shootout and pick winners from the PSW Shootout Contest. We would like to start a series of featuring our winners. First up is Matt Hernandez!

Westcott: How long have you been shooting?

Matt: I’ve been shooting for 2 years now.

Westcott: What do you currently shoot with?

Matt: I shoot with a Nikon D3S and D800.

Westcott: What type of lighting & backdrops do you currently use?

Matt: Currently, I use Paul C. Buff Einstein Strobes. For backgrounds, I currently use black and white collapsible backgrounds and I love it!

Westcott: How did you hear about Westcott?

Matt: I originally heard about Westcott from Kelby Training.

Westcott: How did you hear about the shootout contest at Photoshop World?

Matt: I heard about the PSW contests from a friend of mine who works at Kelby Media.

Westcott: Are you currently a member of any organizations or attend any other events?

Matt: Currently, I am only a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I did attend the Google + Photographers Conference as well as Photoshop World.

Westcott: Do you think winning the Westcott Shootout Contest will change your photography?

Matt: I am not sure, but I do need a large light modifier like the one Westcott is sending for winning! :)

Westcott: Are there other photographers that you currently follow in the photography industry?

Matt: No, not really. The only guys I follow online are Scott Kelby, Jeremy Cowart, Peter Hurley and a few others.

Westcott: If people want to connect with you, how can people connect with you?

Matt: People can connect with me in the following ways:

Some of Matt’s Work

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