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Pete Springer Self PortraitWestcott: How long you have been shooting?

Pete: I’ve been shooting since I was in junior high. It was film and darkrooms back in those days. I was an early digital convert and don’t miss film at all.

Westcott: What do you shoot with (camera)?

Pete: My main camera is a Canon 1DMKIV. It’s a fantastic camera. The battery lasts forever and it’s rugged and fast and handles fantastically. That said, it’s not the camera that creates the photos. It’s just a tool.

Westcott: Do you currently use any lighting? If so, what?

Pete: In the studio, I use monoheads and a power pack. Right now, I’m kind of on a natural light kick. Sometimes mixing in fill with a speedlight or monohead. Usually just one light on location and using the sun as a rimlight.

Westcott: How did you hear about Westcott?

Pete: I’ve heard about Westcott through the usual channels – online forums, B&H, Midwest Photo, Stobist, etc. On a recent shoot, my assistant pulled out his Westcott 5-in-1 reflector and the results were a LOT better than my reflector. The white side of the Westcott 5-in-1 was especially impressive. It gives a nice, neutral fill light. I bought my own Westcott reflector the next day.

Westcott: How did you hear about the Midwest Photo Contest?

Pete: The Midwest Photo Contest came up on Facebook.

Westcott: Are you currently part of any photography clubs or organizations?

Pete: Currently I’m teaching a location photography class at the Art Institute of Portland. It’s pretty much a dream come true to be honest. I love shooting on location and specialize in working fast with minimal equipment. It’s a lot of fun teaching others how to do this too.

Westcott: Now that you have won this contest, how do you think the product will help or change your photography?

Pete: I’ll have to wait to test the product I won to see how it helps my photography.

Westcott: Who are your photography mentors?

Pete: My photography mentors include anyone who shoots for the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue, Walter Iooss Jr in particular! Okay, he’s more of an inspiration than mentor since we’ve never met. I don’t have a direct mentor, but do keep lots of inspiration folders of photos from magazines and other places.

Westcott: Do you currently attend any photography conventions during the annual year?

Pete: I don’t attend photography conventions. I’d rather be out shooting!

Westcott:How can other photographers get in touch with you?

Twitter: @petespringer

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