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Digital Photo Magazine 2012 Reflector

In the September/October 2012 issue of Digital Photo Magazine, Wes Pitts has an article called ‘Portrait Background Basics’ where he gives four tips on how to flatter your subjects.

  1. Find a simple background
  2. Reduce your depth of field
  3. Use a telephoto lens
  4. Try software effects

He has a special section called ‘Essential Gear’ where he highlights gear he feels every photographer needs. He highlights the Westcott 5-in-1 Reflector and it’s multiple size options and very competitive price.

Westcott has many different reflectors on its line. The Westcott Illuminator Reflectors have a lifetime frame warranty, come in various sizes and reflector options. The Westcott Basics Reflectors comes in multiple sizes and are a great addition to any studio.

Want to pick up this issue?

If you are interested in picking up this issue of Digital Photo Magazine, be sure to visit their website or visit a local book/magazine store.

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