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Shutterbug Mag Sept 2012In the September 2012 issue of Shutterbug Magazine, Joe Farace put together a fantastic article highlighting all the studio lighting gear out there – continuous, strobe and LED were featured. The Westcott Ice Light received a special shoutout due to its ‘lightsaber’ like attributes.

Westcott recently introduced the Ice Light, a.k.a. lightsaber because song of a gun that’s what it looks like. – Joe Farace

Joe also mentioned some other Westcott product offerings for all the strobe (Strobelite, Strobelite Plus) & continuous (Spiderlite TD) shooters out there and covers the high level details regarding each.

BONUS Westcott Feature

If you do have a chance to pick up this issue of Shutterbug Magazine, be sure to flip to following pages where other Westcott products are featured:

Top Pros Featured

Westcott is so fortunate to work with such amazing photographers in the industry. Some of our Top Pros are featured in the magazine as well either in ads or articles. The following Pros are featured on these pages:

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