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By on 2009-10-19


Stay tuned Wednesday, October 21, as Erin Manning gives the world “sneak peak”? at our new Home Studio Lighting Kit.

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Whether it’s for social networking, a business website, or online dating, we all need a good portrait of ourselves. Now, with the Home Studio Lighting Kit and a few photo tips, it’s possible to capture a professional-looking portrait in the comfort of your own home.

More Kit Info!

The best images we capture aren’t planned, but having the proper lighting on hand when they happen?can be. Home Studio lighting made simple. This complete lighting kit contains all the products needed to obtain professional quality images while in the comfort of your own home.

Included is a FREE educational DVD hosted by Erin Manning featuring set up, usage and how to?get creative with the Home Studio Lighting Kit. Join Erin as she takes a headshot for Facebook, creates a pizza party invitation, captures a play date with 3-year old twins and more!


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