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Video Nation Jefferson Graham Book 2012Jefferson Graham recently published a book called ‘Video Nation’. In this book he has detailed a ‘do it yourself’ guide to planning, shooting and sharing great videos. In Chapter 2: ‘What type of video are you producing’ – he covers a topic of ‘where ideas are born’. In this section he gives Westcott and the Spiderlite TD6 a shoutout.

As with any company, you never know if asking for a review is going to work out, but as he says:

…you never know if you don’t ask. – Jefferson Graham (pg. 43)

In Chapter 3: Gear Guide – he covers some gear for different price points. In this section he highlights the uLite Green Screen Video Lighting Kit.

This kit is useful for a quick, easy, and inexpensive set up with a nice, soft light. – Jefferson Graham (pg. 61)

Interested in the Book

If you are interested in picking up Jefferson Graham’s ‘Video Nation’ book (256 pg), be sure check it out on Amazon. Also, be sure to check out his blog: Jefferson Graham Talking Tech – where he is constantly coming out with some great and useful information for videographers.

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