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On Wednesday, Westcott officially released the newest product to the Photo Basics by Westcott line – the X-Drop Backdrop System. This Friday, featured the X-Drop on their website under ‘What’s New: Gear’.

Dragging around a background setup can be less than ideal, but Westcott has always gone out of their way to make it easier. Their latest setup is extremely portable and pretty cheap, too. –

The system contains a backdrop of the customers’ choice, backdrop system and travel case. What makes this system unlike others in the market? This system is complete for just under $100! X-Drop Feature

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Want more info on the X-Drop?

If you are interested in the fabric designs available, visit our website under X-Drop.

Want to see the X-Drop in action, be sure to check out our X-Drop Video!

Quick Highlights:

The X-Drop comes in 9 different design fabric options:

  • Solids: Black, White, Chroma-Key Green
  • Muslin-Style: Mist, Quarry, Slate
  • Modern Vintage: Saffron, Eminence, Serenity

Each backdrop kit comes with an included travel case which has an expanding zipper. This will allow for up to 3 X-Drop Backdrops to fit in the bag.

Looking to only shoot product photography? Because the legs are all telescopic, you have the option to use the backdrop system over a table to light products. The X-Drop Video shows a sample of how you are able to achieve this.

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