Andrew Funderburg: Ice Light – Model Out On the Town

By on 2012-10-04

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This post was written by Andrew ‘Fundy’ Funderburg, CEO of Fundy Software

I love the Ice Lights because they are so portable, versatile and powerful all at the same time. I can use them effectively on any type of shoot. – Andrew Funderburg

The Shoot

With the Ice Light being designed by Jerry Ghionis, not only is it wonderful at weddings but also at commercial shoots. For this shoot, we hired a model to shoot during dusk on the riverfront and after dusk (in the dark) so we could really put the Ice Lights through their paces.

I really tried to put the Ice Lights in situations where they couldn’t provide the light I needed. I’m happy to say that they came through in every sense.

Shooting a female model I was so pleased with the quality of the light. The long strip of light that it throws out mimics a soft box so well. It really is like having a portable softbox without the hassle of a battery pack, lights, etc.

For the first shoot on the river, we did two distinct Ice Light setups.

Shot One

I love the softness of the light and the ‘soft box’ like light without having to drag out a soft box and a lighting setup to go along with it. For an alternate setup, I love using the Ice Lights with one on top and one on the bottom, a traditional clam shell type of lighting. Here are some examples:

Image Descriptions: (1) Setup-A, (2) Final Image using Setup-A, (3) Setup-B, (4) Tight shot using Setup-B, (5) Wide shot using Setup-B


Shot Two

For shot two, I wanted to recreate a quick and fast, on the street, one light setup. I simply placed the Ice Light on a light stand and set it up at a slight angle from vertical and placed it close enough to the model to get the light I needed. For the second look, we had the model up against the wall and brought the light in closer as well as took shots from different angles.

Image Descriptions: (1) Setup-C, (2) Final Image using Setup-C, (3) Setup-D, (4) Final Image using Setup-D, (5) Setup-E, (6) Final Image using Setup-E


Shot Three

For shot three we really wanted to push the boundaries of what the Ice Light could do in terms of ‘in the dark’ lighting. Here we have the set up of the Ice Lights, but also we have a photo of just how dark it is. With this set up, we were able to achieve some amazing lighting. One of my favorite things to do when shooting a model or bride is to stick her in a corner so I can create some dynamic lighting and below are some results of using two lights. That said, sometimes, using one light is an amazing way to create dynamic lighting. I would recommend having two lights on hand at any time, but being able to go down to one light is something that is very useful.

Image Descriptions: (1) Setup-F, (2) Setup showing darkness, (3) Final Image-1 using Setup-F, (4) Final Image-2 using Setup-F, (5) Setup-G using simple main light and fill, (6) Final Image using Setup-G



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