Balancing Natural Light with Zach & Jody

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Shooting fashion in the Nevada desert, Westcott Top Pro photography couple Zach and Jody Gray attempt to balance sunlight and shadows during late evening. The sun illuminates the sky behind their model, however she is positioned in the the shadows of a rocky hill. Using only a single main light to light their model would create harsh shadows on her opposite side.

To correctly balance the natural light in the background, Zach uses his main light with a 7′ White Diffusion Parabolic Umbrella and a bare-bulb flash through a 42″ Reflector as the fill light. The large umbrella will light her entire body, while the small diffused flash will work to offset the shadows created by the main light.

The main light is position about 35 degress right and above the model. This will create a loop-lighting effect, which will touch the shadow of the model’s nose to the corner of her mouth.

With the camera setting matching the natural light in the background and the main and key lights illuminating the model, Zach is able to correctly balance both the sun light with the highlights/shadows on his model.

Zach and Jody Gray are a Nashville-based husband and wife photography team specializing in wedding photography. Their style is modern and sophisticated and they are recognized for their business-savvy within the industry. They host a variety of photography workshops internationally, both at conventions and expos and online through blogs and on CreativeLIVE. Their work has been featured in magazine such as People and Southern Bride.

Balancing Natural Light

Balancing Natural Light

Balancing Natural Light

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action



Zach and Jody Gray

Zach and Jody Gray

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer
Zach and Jody Gray are a husband and wife photography team based in Nashville, Tennessee, who are known primarily for their striking and distinct wedding portraiture work and their highly successful workshops. They have been asked to speak at numerous industry functions all over the world.
Zach and Jody Gray

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