Behind-The-Scenes with Rick Nunn

By on 2014-07-21

The following article is courtesy of English portrait photographer Rick Nunn

She and I spent a few days at the cabin in the woods over the weekend. In between coffee on the balcony & trips to the beach, we made some time for a few photos.

We wanted to do something a little surreal and fairytale-esque. When the sun wasn’t blocked by the clouds it was glorious. However, as you’ll see in the video below, it kept appearing and disappearing — so timing the shots just right with the sun was tricky. I think our patience paid off though.

And yes, those are real ducks. And yes they were really there.

Daydream in Blue Lighting Diagram 1024x758 Behind The Scenes with Rick Nunn

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII
Lens: Canon 50mm F/1.4
Flashes: Canon 580ex & 600ex-rt
Accessories: 2 light brackets, 1 Manfrotto tripod, 2 light stands, 2 light brackets, a Westcott Apollo Orb, a Rogue Grid, Pocket Wizard Mini TT1, Pocket Wizard Flex TT5, and a Pocket Wizard AC 3 Zone Controller

thumb 1024x682 Behind The Scenes with Rick Nunn

Shutter Speed: 1/125th
Aperture: F/1.8
ISO: 50

thumb 1 1024x682 Behind The Scenes with Rick Nunn


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Behind The Scenes with Rick Nunn

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