Holiday Photos with Green Screen Lighting Kit

By on 2012-11-26

Join Erin Manning as she walks you through a Green Screen photography session and show how fun holiday photos can be in your own home! This holiday season, don’t let unhappy expressions ruin a photo – make photography work for you by using the Erin Manning Green Screen Creative Lighting Kit.

The Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit contains a two light setup.  These two lights have 20″ x 20″ softboxes so that the light coming from them is diffused and soft.  The light source in the Home Studio Lighting Kit is daylight balanced so there is no need to worry about eliminating ugly color casts in photoshop.  Additional post production on your holiday photos is the last thing you want to spend extra time on during the busy holiday season.

The Home Studio Creation Kit is a fantastic all in one kit that provides photographers with a green screen and X-Drop background, as well as the best Green Screen software in the industry.  PhotoKey 6 allows users to import images that were taken using green screen and the software will automatically remove the background.  The software in this kit also comes with 300 digital backgrounds and 70 Overlay graphics.

Holiday Photos with Green Screen-5 Holiday Photos with Green Screen-1

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

Erin Manning

Erin Manning

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer
Erin Manning is a professional photographer, author, educator, and media personality. Her clear, friendly teaching style helps people understand and enjoy photography and technology.
Erin Manning

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