Street Photography in the Big Easy

By on 2013-06-18

Jerry Ghionis demonstrates some amazing street photography on the streets of New Orleans. Step up your street photography with the addition of lighting.  The Ice Light packs a powerful punch to your images and Jerry shows a few creative techniques in this video.

The Ice light is a portable handheld daylight light source that is fully dimmable.  The Ice Light allows photographers a portable option if there is limited space to setup an entire photo studio.  If you don’t have an assistant, the Ice Light is easy to mount, with a built in 1/4 – 20 thread on both sides.  The beauty of continuous light is that you can see how light patterns fall before the shot, therefore eliminating the test shot and creating a better workflow. Since the Ice Light is a continuous light source, it has multiple uses including photography and videography.

The Ice Light was designed by Jerry Ghionis and manufactured by Westcott.

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Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer
Jerry Ghionis is widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world. The creativity and ability to capture the natural magic of individuals allows others to see the powerful visual story telling in his images. Jerry was named one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World and has won numerous awards worldwide.
Jerry Ghionis

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