Photographing Athletes on Location with the Ice Light

By on 2013-02-18

With this shoot, the goal was to recreate what I like to call “Sports Illustrated” lighting. In recent years Photographing Athletes has become quite popular. In this shoot, I wanted to recreate that particular lighting with the Ice Lights.

I regularly go to LA Boxing to stay in shape. One of my coaches needed some new shots for his boxing posters. It was a perfect opportunity to test out using Ice Lights to create this type of lighting.

photographing athletes



photographing athletes

Final Image-1 using Setup-A


photographing athletes

Final Image-2 Setup-A


photographing athletes



photographing athletes

Final Image using Setup B


 I love the Ice Lights because they are so portable, versatile and powerful all at the same time. I can use them effectively on any type of shoot. – Andrew Funderburg


Westcott Gear in Action



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