Outdoor Portraiture in Bad Weather

By on 2014-06-24

Chicago portrait and wedding photographer Bob Davis is a 25 year veteran of photography, specializing in speedlite shooting. Here, Bob utilizes speedlites modified with the Perfect Portrait Kit to capture beautiful street portraiture in bad weather conditions. By adding the softened flash, Bob is able to highlight features and colors on his subject and balance the unattractive ambient lighting.

It is especially important when shooting in poor weather to adjust your cameras shutter speed to match the ambient lighting and to adjust the aperture to match your flash’s output. This helps in properly balancing the ambient lighting. Bob also warms the color temperature in these images by adjusting the white balance on his camera to counteract the cool lighting that the cloudy day is producing.

The Bob and Dawn Davis Perfect Portrait Kit includes a 45″ Halo, 28″ Apollo, a 40-degree Apollo grid, two adjustable shoe mount brackets, two light stands, and a travel bag. Built on an umbrella frame, Halo and Apollo light modifiers set up in seconds. They are perfect modifier for on-location shooting as they need no additional adapters or speedrings. The Halo series takes simplicity to a whole new level. Apollo and Halo frames are constructed using durable fiberglass components, with no plastic to break or metal to bend.

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Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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Davis Bob Outdoor Portraiture in Bad Weather

Bob Davis

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer at Bob and Dawn Davis Photography
Photography, is what Bob Davis is passionate about. Bob is a proud member of the Westcott Top Pros Elite and the Canon Explorers of Light. He has written a book and a number-one-selling photography App for the iPad. Bob has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. His main focus, these days, is wedding photography and documentary projects.
Davis Bob Outdoor Portraiture in Bad Weather

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