Using the Perfect Pair Kit Through a Window

By on 2013-10-21

Top Pro Elite Photographer Bob Davis heads to the streets of the big city to get great fashion shots in the rain and through a window. Shooting through a window can be a difficult task due to reflections. Correct lighting is essential. To achieve a great portrait, Bob Davis uses the Bob and Dawn Davis Perfect Pair Kit from Westcott. By utilizing these speedlites in the proper setup, you can achieve amazing shots through a window, without getting glare or reflection.  Bob also chooses to add a back light to separate the model from the background and provide depth to the image.


Lighting Setup

Perfect Pair Kit setup




Image without Lighting

No Perfect Pair Kit




Final Image using Perfect Pair Kit

Perfect Pair Kit final




Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

Bob Davis

Bob Davis

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer at Bob and Dawn Davis Photography
Photography, is what Bob Davis is passionate about. Bob is a proud member of the Westcott Top Pros Elite and the Canon Explorers of Light. He has written a book and a number-one-selling photography App for the iPad. Bob has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. His main focus, these days, is wedding photography and documentary projects.
Bob Davis

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