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Introducing the Industry’s Most Compact, High-Watt Fluorescent Lamp
TOLEDO, Oh. – June 1, 2008 – The F.J. Westcott Company is now offering twice the power of their daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs for the Spiderlite® TD5 with a new 50-watt compact bulb. This new 50-watt lamp is the most powerful, compact daylight balanced fluorescent lamp to hit the photography market. The new fluorescent bulb pack combined with a Spiderlite TD5 will provide over 900 equivalent watts of power.

The Spiderlite TD5 is one light source providing Tungsten Halogen, Fluorescent or Strobe capability and continues to be the number one choice for obtaining true daylight color temperature with constant lighting. Westcott is known for its focus on customer feedback and has proved this again by offering the new 50-watt fluorescent bulb. Scott Kelby, NAPP, says “Higher wattage lamps – bring it on! [Westcott is] always thinking.” The exclusive 50-watt lamp provides equivalent output of 200 watts.

The new Spiderlite TD5 fluorescent 5-pack will include four 50-watt lamps as well as a 20-watt center lamp. The lamp is rated at 2250 Lumens and 5500 Kelvin with a standard base. The life expectancy of the bulb is 8,000 hours. Mark with Sony says “Unbelievable how bright those are. It’s hard to believe they’re fluorescents.” The bulb will be available summer of 2008 at MAP $39.90 individually or $159.90 per pack of four 50-watt and one 20-watt.

The Spiderlite TD5 allows you to change your light source, light output, color temperature or environmental temperature instantly. Three separate controls on the back allow you to run from 1-5 lamps allowing you to quickly change lighting ratio without changing color temperature. The Spiderlite TD5 includes a 15' cord and a built-in handle for Soft Box rotation. No adapter ring is needed as the soft box fits directly onto the Spiderlite TD5.

About The F.J. Westcott Company

Westcott headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, is a leading manufacture of light control equipment, backgrounds and accessories for professional imagemakers in photography, video, and broadcast fields.

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