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Westcott, an industry-leading producer of photo and video lighting equipment, is proud to announce the latest addition to their softbox line-up: the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic series. The new Zeppelin softbox series is an essential item for commercial, fashion, and portrait photographers. The Zeppelin is available in 35, 47, and 59 inch models, all featuring a deep parabolic construction creating a stunning even, wrap-around light output.

The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Series

Each Zeppelin Para Softbox is equipped with high-quality construction and needlework, 16 durable lightweight and heat-resistant rods, a 1/2-stop inner diffusion panel with a 1/2-stop center dot to eliminate hot spots, a single sheet outer diffusion panel, and a travel case. The Zeppelin is also equipped with a zippered entry point, serving as a second light head mounting option. A heavy-duty, yoke-style mounting bracket with built-in speedring is available to reduce stress and provide support to light heads (available in in four different adapter formats). When utilizing the second mounting-point option, the Zeppelin deflector plate ?is available to eliminate light spill.

With three size options, there is a Zeppelin for any style of photographer, at any shoot, at any location. Assembly is effortless in typical Westcott fashion. Zeppelin purchasers will be provided with clear, step-by-step instructions for easy set-up and tear-down. For details and ordering information on these latest high-end additions, please visit:


About FJ Westcott

Located just outside of Toledo, Ohio, with roots dating back to 1899, the F.J. Westcott Co. is currently a leading innovator of photo-video lighting solutions for professionals and enthusiasts. We proudly team up with top industry pros to educate and inspire our customers throughout the globe through live shootout events, seminars and more.

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