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First Ever Turnkey Solution for Video Green Screen

TOLEDO, Oh. – Feb. 1, 2009 – The makers of Photo Basics by Westcott, the only truly educational lighting system, for the first time ever teaches you how simple and easy using a Green Screen can be with the new uLite Video Lighting Kit. In addition to the two uLite Constant Lights, two 20” Collapsible Soft Boxes, two 7’ Light Stands and two 500-watt Photofloods, the uLite Video Lighting Kit provides a 9’ x 10’ Green Screen. Included with the Digital Video Lighting Kit is a trial of the Adobe® Premiere® Elements 7 program along with background clips to use in your video production.

Creativity can be unleashed with the use of Green Screens. Become a rock star, actress, or world explorer without ever having to leave your home or studio! Constant lighting allows you to easily see lighting patterns, ratios and quickly evaluate how even the light falls across your Green Screen. The uLites offer enough lighting for video use and the collapsible boxes prevent glare or hot spots on your subjects.

Photo Basics by Westcott teamed up with NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) to offer customers of the new uLite Video Lighting Kit the best in tutorials for Green Screen production. The post production pros of NAPP teach the do’s and don’ts of Green Screen technology. Westcott is also excited to announce partnership with Adobe to provide the software with each of our digital educational lighting kits. Also included are royalty-free video backgrounds to help you get your creativity flowing.

The F. J. Westcott Company takes pride in the fact that all Westcott and Photo Basics products go through extensive testing prior to release into the marketplace. Over an eight-week period, in addition to extensive product testing, Westcott conducted a test market using six children (ages 7-14).

The uLite Digital Video Lighting Kit (# 402) is retailed at $295.00.

About The F.J. Westcott Company
Westcott headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, is a leading manufacture of light control equipment, backgrounds and accessories for professional imagemakers in photography, video, and broadcast fields.

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