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Westcott Now Offering Shallow Box Kits for Both Photo and Video

TOLEDO, Oh. – June 1, 2009 – As seen on the Canon EOS HD Basics tour, the new Bruce Dorn Select Photo / Video Kits create the perfect lighting for cramped conditions. The kits include a Spiderlite TD5 equipped with high-watt fluorescent lamps paired with the new Westcott Shallow Soft Box.

The new Shallow Soft Box is ideal for obtaining specular highlights. The Shallow Soft Box features a 30% reduction in depth, giving light less area to travel before reaching the subject, and is ideal for working with smaller, tighter surroundings. The product is available in 36” X 48” and 54” X 72” sizes. The 36” Shallow Box is 14” deep and the 54” is only 20” deep. It is built with the same high quality typical of all Westcott products, but with a lighter-weight material for ease with travel. The silver interior of the Shallow Soft Box provides use for up to 750 watts. Included with each Shallow Soft Box is a 1/4-stop outer diffusion panel. This diffusion fabric offers an extra punch of light that is 3/4-stop greater than a standard diffusion front.

The Spiderlite TD5 is one light source providing Tungsten Halogen, Fluorescent or Strobe capability and continues to be the number one choice for obtaining true daylight color temperature with constant lighting. The new 50-watt lamp is the most powerful, compact daylight balanced fluorescent lamp to hit the photography market. The new fluorescent bulb pack combined with a Spiderlite TD5 will provide over 900 equivalent watts of power.

The new Bruce Dorn Select Photo / Video Kits start at $720.00 Retail.

About The F.J. Westcott Company
Westcott headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of light control equipment, backgrounds and accessories for professional imagemakers in photography, video, and broadcast fields.

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