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Digital Green Screen Photo Editing Now Easily Done At Home With Screen, Software and Tutorials All In One Compact Affordable Kit.

TOLEDO, Oh. – August 1, 2009 – The new Green Screen Digital Photography Kit, being introduced by Westcott, is unlike anything else currently available in the marketplace. It includes a 5’x7’ Green Screen Background, PhotoKey 2 Lite Software, 100 Digital Backgrounds and Online Support with tutorials. The growing popularity of green screen photography in the scrapbooking industry, among photo enthusiasts, and on web sites such as YouTube has created demand for an inexpensive green screen product. The Westcott kit’s ease of use and minimal floor space requirements make it the perfect choice for users of all levels – from kids, teens and older family members, to scrapbookers and photo enthusiasts.

Green Screen is the most widely-used method for creating special effects in movies and publications. Using technology, such as the software included in the Green Screen Digital Photography Kit, users can digitally insert any background behind a subject. With the Westcott kit, after simply hanging up the provided Green Screen background, and taking an image using any digital camera, the user can simply upload the image onto a computer. The Photo Key 2 Lite Software will automatically extract the background, and with a few simple clicks, a new background takes place of the green – the image now has endless possibilities! The Photo Key 2 Lite Software also features brightness, contrast and saturation tools for perfecting the image.

The Green Screen Digital Photography Kit will make its debut on ParentsTV in November, with segments scheduled to run through January. Segments featuring the kit will also be syndicated through Better TV and Comcast Video on Demand.

To purchase all of the items provided in the Green Screen Digital Photography Kit individually would cost approximately $900.00. However, the Green Screen Digital Photography Kit (# 417) will retail at $99.90, with a street price of $69.90.

About The F.J. Westcott Company
F.J. Westcott, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of light control equipment, backgrounds and accessories for professional imagemakers in the photography, video, and broadcast fields.

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