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Westcott is excited to launch the perfect promotion featuring products with education.

TOLEDO, OH – September 1, 2011 Westcott is proud to introduce our Back-to-School promotion featuring “Cost-Saving Educational Kits”. Each kit will offer various items such as education, equipment to upgrade their studio and even offer customer’s big savings with their purchase. This promotion ends October 31, 2011.

The NEW Photo Basics “Educational 2-Light Strobelite Kit” (#242) includes two Strobelites, two 6.5′ Light Stands, a 38″ White Umbrella, 24″ Softbox, Adapter Ring, Lamps and Educational DVD. When purchasing this promotional kit, customers will save 30%. The promotional price is $349.90.

The “Spiderlite TD6 2-Light Promo Kit with FREE Lighting DVD” (#6222P) includes two Spiderlite TD6 heads, two tilter brackets, lamps, a 36″x48″ Shallow Softbox, 12″x36″ Stripbank and an Educational DVD. Valued at $1,590.00, customers will have a promotional price of only $1,090.00.

The “Free Adapter Ring with 24″x32″ Softbox” (#787P) includes a Photo Basics 24″x32″ Strobelite Softbox and adapter ring that fits many industry lights to include: Strobelite, Interfit Stellar, Pro, Venus, Bowens and Calumet. The promotional price includes the free adapter ring and costs customers only $69.90.

About the F.J. Westcott Company

The F.J. Westcott Company is an industry-leading producer of photography and video lighting products. Founded in 1899, F.J. Westcott pioneered the photography light control industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of lighting equipment, light modifiers, backgrounds and accessories to professionals, enthusiasts and consumers. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, F.J. Westcott consists of brands including Westcott professional lighting equipment, Photo Basics enthusiast and educational lighting products, and a background rental service

For more information, on F.J. Westcott, please visit or call (800) 886-1689. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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