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Photography and video lighting gear reviews and insight by Top Pro Photographers, Real Deal Reviewers and other industry professionals.

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Real Deal Review: Rapid Box XL

By 1 week ago

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Portrait and fashion photographer Martin Howard of Columbus, Ohio discusses t...

Justin Van Leeuwen Reviews the Westcott ProGrip

By 1 week ago

153 Views0 Comments

Corporate and editorial portrait photographer Justin Van Leeuwen hails from O...

Bob Davis on the ProGrip Speedlite Handle

By 1 month ago

1.18K Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Bob Davis discusses the use of the new Pr...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box XXL

By 1 month ago

485 Views0 Comments

Mike Osborn of Osborn Photography in central Illinois reviews the Rapid Box X...

Terry White Reviews the ProGrip

By 2 months ago

558 Views0 Comments

This review is courtesy of Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Terry White. ...

Jonah Kessel on the Ice Light

By 2 months ago

848 Views0 Comments

This review of the Ice Light is courtesy of Pulitzer prize-winning visualist ...

Continuous Lighting with Dave Cross

By 2 months ago

1.33K Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Dave Cross discusses the Westcott Skylux ...

Celebrity Portraits with the Westcott Background Support System

By 3 months ago

2.46K Views0 Comments

This Westcott Backdrop Stand review and the final celebrity portraits are cou...

Sid Ceaser’s Favorite Modifier: The Westcott Apollo

By 3 months ago

1.01K Views3 Comments

This review of the Westcott Apollo is courtesy of portrait photographer Sid C...

Macro Photography: Spiderlite TD5 Review

By 4 months ago

388 Views0 Comments

This review of the Spiderlite TD5 is courtesy of photographer David Saffir of...

Portraiture with The Ice Light

By 4 months ago

513 Views0 Comments

This Ice Light review is courtesy of Bruce Roscoe, owner of Aiyana Studio in ...

Halloween Portraiture by Tim Breaseale

By 4 months ago

367 Views0 Comments

This photography blog post was originally written by photographer Tim Breasea...

Shutter Magazine’s Review of the Westcott Skylux

By 4 months ago

186 Views0 Comments

Award-winning photographer Sal Cincotta of Shutter Magazine discusses the Wes...

Real Deal Review: Home Studio Lighting Kit

By 4 months ago

443 Views0 Comments

Georgetown, Kentucky resident Amy White discusses the features of the Erin Ma...

Real Deal Review: Five-in-One Reflector Kit

By 4 months ago

244 Views0 Comments

In this Westcott Real Deal Review, we sent photographer Jennifer Jackson from...

Real Deal Review: The Apollo Strip

By 4 months ago

211 Views0 Comments

Roger Ridpath, a commercial and portrait photographer based in Kansas City, m...

Real Deal Review – The Rapid Box Speedlite Kit

By 4 months ago

454 Views0 Comments

Team Westcott sent portrait and wedding photographer Benny Migs the Westcott ...

Continuous Light with Skylux LED

By 6 months ago

830 Views0 Comments

Join Westcott Top Pro Rafael "RC" Concepcion and the Kelby Media Group as the...

Off-Camera Flash with the Rapid Box

By 6 months ago

942 Views0 Comments

This video blog post on Off-Camera Flash using the Westcott Rapid Box was ori...

Fitness Photography Using a Single Ice Light

By 6 months ago

971 Views0 Comments

The video above was shot with the Ice Light. This Fitness Photography blog po...

Ice Light Review by Marc Mikhail

By 7 months ago

1.38K Views0 Comments

This Ice Light Review was provided by Marc Mikhail, Wedding photographer from...

Review: Skylux Dimmable Daylight LED

By 9 months ago

209 Views0 Comments

Diane Wallace shows the brand new, quiet and durable Skylux studio light for ...

Review: Westcott X-Drop Backdrop System

By 9 months ago

669 Views0 Comments

White Backgrounds Seamless white backgrounds are a standard request for an...

Real Deal Review: Westcott Triple Threat Speedlite Bracket

By 10 months ago

456 Views0 Comments

Photographer Ben Weatherston reviews the Westcott Triple Threat with a 7 foot...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box Speedlite System

By 10 months ago

336 Views0 Comments

Photographer Kelli D. from West Virginia had the chance to review the Rapid B...

Real Deal Review: Scrim Jim

By 10 months ago

166 Views0 Comments

Photographer Melody G. from Virginia had the chance to review the Scrim Jim f...

Real Deal Review: Pocket Box Speedlite Modifiers

By 10 months ago

138 Views0 Comments

Photographer Nicole M. from Washington reviews the Westcott Basics Pocket Box...

Real Deal Review: Ice Light and PowerPack

By 10 months ago

142 Views0 Comments

Photographer Tom S. reviews the Westcott Ice Light and the Ice Light PowerPac...

Real Deal Review: 50″ Mega Apollo Modifier

By 10 months ago

96 Views0 Comments

Watch Charles E. from New York as he reviews the 50" Mega JS Apollo for this ...

Real Deal Review: Ice Light

By 1 year ago

328 Views0 Comments

Photographer Tobin S. reviews the Westcott Ice Light in this week's Real Deal...

Real Deal Review: Perfect Pair Light Modifier Kit

By 1 year ago

169 Views0 Comments

Photographer Patrick F. from The Woodlands, TX reviews the Bob and Dawn Davis...

The Rapid Box Debuts At WPPI

By 1 year ago

156 Views0 Comments

We were lucky enough to have the group at Kelby Media in our booth at WPPI 20...

Continuous Lighting Tips Using the Spiderlite TD6

By 1 year ago

410 Views0 Comments

Terry White, Professional Photographer and Westcott Top Pro talks about one o...

Review: X-Drop Backdrop System

By 1 year ago

299 Views0 Comments

This review was written by Photographer Brian Tetrault Innovative Backdrop D...

Between the Sheets with Jen: Ice Light Review

By 1 year ago

202 Views0 Comments

"My answer is YES YES YES. I love the Ice Light. The first thing that a...

Between the Sheets with Jennifer Rozenbaum: The Spiderlite TD6

By 1 year ago

343 Views0 Comments

Originally posted on Westcott Top Pro Jennifer Rozenbaum's blog Between The S...

X-Drop Backdrop System Review by Digital Chumps

By 1 year ago

80 Views0 Comments

The X-Drop recently received a raving review from the group over at Digital C...

Lighting the Way to Coolness with the Ice Light

By 1 year ago

81 Views0 Comments

The Ice Light made its biggest debut back in February at WPPI and since then,...

Lighting Rumours: X-Drop Backdrop Review

By 1 year ago

139 Views0 Comments

The X-Drop Backdrop System was recently featured on Lighting Rumours. Bruce...

Diffuse Light and Alter Light Using the Scrim Jim

By 1 year ago

192 Views0 Comments

Erik Valind, Professional Photographer and Westcott Endorsed Pro talks about ...

Ice Light Review

By 1 year ago

145 Views0 Comments

I recently got a chance to shoot with the Westcott Ice Light. The Ice Lig...

Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent

By 1 year ago

236 Views0 Comments

Join Westcott Top Pro Eric Eggly for a quick and easy solution for a product ...

Review: X-Drop Backdrop System by Terry White

By 1 year ago

143 Views2 Comments

If you're traveling to do an on location portrait shoot you can either ut...

Review: X-Drop with White Backdrop

By 1 year ago

147 Views0 Comments

Review: Westcott’s Medium Apollo with Grid

By 1 year ago

87 Views0 Comments

Over at the Kelby Media Group, they have an online show called D-Town TV. D-T...

Video Review: The Ice Light

By 1 year ago

68 Views0 Comments

This Ice Light review comes from the 'Web Video University' website. Dave Kam...

My Favorite Parabolic Umbrella

By 1 year ago

450 Views0 Comments

Most photographers love Octabanks. The light quality if amazing! Unfortunatel...

Review: The Ice Light

By 1 year ago

204 Views0 Comments

The best way for me to describe the Ice Light is "WOW.”I have been photog...

Review: Westcott Ice Light by Data Doctors

By 1 year ago

117 Views0 Comments

The Data Doctors recently did a review on the Westcott Ice Light. They highli...