Fitness Photography Using a Single Ice Light

By on 2013-09-19

The video above was shot with the Ice Light. This Fitness Photography blog post using the Westcott Ice Light was originally written by Photographer Marc Mikhail based out of Toronto, Canada.

The one thing I couldn’t wait for was my first fitness shoot indoors having an Ice Light.  With no assistant and just a stand I was able to bang off some great shots with fantastic lighting and still be able to give direction and achieve the exact look and feel to the photos that I was looking for.  The shot below is a great example of this beautiful soft light that the Ice Light provides.  It held its charge throughout the two hour session, not needing to plug it in is awesome.  I can’t wait to see what I can do with 2 or 3 Ice Lights for more indoor shoots like this.

fitness photography
Anywhere I needed it I simply placed it on the stand and shoot close in or even telephoto, I just cannot get over the convenience of this light source.

fitness photography

Here are a few examples again of how easy it is to work with the Ice Light on a stand with no assistant and some of the lighting you get achieve.   The dimming feature allows you to put the light as close or far from your subject as you wish to keep it out of the frame as shown below.

fitness photography

The light is awesome.  I could work with many of these and simply clone stamp them out of the photo, or crop or just shoot with it out of the frame.  You have a lot of options with the Ice Light.

fitness photography
In this shot, you can’t even tell that the Ice Light is right there in the frame but you can definitely see the light it casts on the subject.  We were very happy with how the photos turned out, I didn’t need to use any flash or strobe, just worked with the lighting provided and of course the Ice Light.
I have many future projects on the horizon where I will be depending on my ice light.  I will be purchasing many more of these with the stands and I can’t wait to use them.  Every photographer could use an Ice Light or 2.  I’m putting it on my Christmas list to Santa this year.

fitness photography

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


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