Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent

By on 2012-08-21

Join Westcott Top Pro Eric Eggly for a quick and easy solution for a product shoot using the Westcott Basics DigiTent. This low-cost method is ideal for photographing items for eBay listings, website catalogs, and brochures. In his review he discusses the issues many have with a product shoot and provides some simple yet affordable solutions. The Westcott Digitent is a diffuser that is simple to setup, and easy to use.  This quick review & quick tip video will allow you to enhance your product photography very quickly.

The Westcott DigiTent comes in a 20″ size and a 30″ size, yet can be broken down into just inches.  Each DigiTent folds up similar to a reflector and comes with it’s own carry case.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action




pinit fg en rect gray 20 Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent
Eggly Eric Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent

Eric Eggly

Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer
For over 25 years, Eric has successfully pushed the boundaries in creative storytelling. His subject matter ranges from sports and fantasy to lifestyle and personalities. Eric's vibrant and illustrative photography has graced numerous publications, books, and magazines worldwide.
Eggly Eric Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent

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