Video Review: The Ice Light

By on 2012-07-23

This Ice Light review comes from the ‘Web Video University‘ website. Dave Kaminski has been running the site for 5 years now, offering reviews and educational about Photography and Videography.

In this video Dave walks through the ways you can use the Ice Light and the immediate effect it can make on both your photography and videography. He discusses the troubles photographers have carrying large lights and the time it takes to setup – two reasons Westcott & Photographer Jerry Ghionis developed the Ice Light.

I had no such worries with the Ice Light (remember, the little guy runs on a rechargeable battery and weighs about a pound). In fact, I arrived, shot and left faster than it probably would have taken me to get even the first shot setup using traditional video lights.

Dave Kaminski | Video Review of the Ice Light

In a nutshell – we enjoy the video because it covers many of the reasons we developed the Ice Light – designed with the photographer and videographer in mind. Simple. Easy setup. Beautiful Light!

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To get more information from Dave and his other reviews, be sure to visit his website – Web Video University.

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