Photography educator Erin Manning shows simple lighting technique for capturing gorgeous outdoor portraits and selfies with the new Pocket Pack by Westcott.

This compact reflector and 1-stop diffuser combination gives you the ability to soften harsh overhead light and properly reflect those rays in an instant. Measuring under 6 inches in the included travel case, these essential modifiers pop open instantly to a full 12 inch diameter, giving you enough surface area to control whatever light you encounter. The reversible reflector features a bright silver fabric as well as a reflective white fabric. Both the reflection and diffusion panels are constructed with a double-layer of lamination for ensured durability. This perfect on-location pack easily fits into your pocket or purse, ready for action whenever you are.

Erin Manning is a professional photographer, author, educator, and media personality, well-known as the host of DIY Network’s Telly Award-winning TV series The Whole Picture. Erin is dedicated to educating amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts.


Outdoor Portraits with the Pocket Pack - Before Reflector


Outdoor Portrait - After Reflector


Outdoor Portraits with the Pocket Pack - Final Image