Shooting at sundown is an extremely common request from boudoir, glamour, engagement, wedding, and even fashion clients. However, sunset photoshoots can be stressful as they offer very limited shooting time. In this video, commercial photographer Lou Freeman shares her tips for getting the most out of sunset photoshoots.

Beginning her shoot just after the sun sets in Florida, Lou positions her model on a balcony overlooking a waterfront and homes. Just after the sun sinks below the horizon, the sky becomes very vibrant in color. To create a relatively natural look that will add vibrancy to the pink sky, Lou uses cool daylight-balanced lights.

Behind the Scenes - Sunset Photoshoots

Lou places an Ice Light on both side of her subject. She then has her assistant hold a third Ice Light just below her subject. This setup fills in all of the shadows on her model’s face for a very glamorous look.

After most of the remaining sunlight has disappeared, a majority of photographers would start packing up their gear. However, Lou recommends switching up the scene to get some more shots. By simply changing up the pose and adding a gel to her lights, Lou is able to create a completely different look. This gives her a whole other set of images to provide to her client.

Behind the Scenes - Sunset Photo Shoots

For this setup, Lou has her model lounge just inside the balcony. She uses a warm tungsten gel on her Ice Lights to contrast the blue post-sunset sky behind her subject. She places an Ice Light above and below her subject to maintain that glamorous “beauty” style.

Lighting Gear in Action


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