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Super Quick Portrait Setups

By 3 months ago

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This article on quick portrait setups is courtesy of international portrait p...

Modifying a Key Light on a Budget

By 3 months ago

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Canadian portrait photographer Craig Beckta used a wraparound key light setup...

Choosing the Right Light Modifier with Joel Grimes

By 7 months ago

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Both new photographers and experienced professionals often question which lig...

#Tog Feature: Jayce Clark – Lighting on Location Using the Apollo Orb

By 2 years ago

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THE VENUE Edenmore is a golf and country club with plenty of grounds for sho...

Pet Photography Feature: Taryn Truese – Love Thy Pet

By 2 years ago

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These pictures were taken at Love Thy Pet, a local community pet store in Bro...

Pop Photo Features Westcott Apollo Orb

By 2 years ago

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Recently, Popular Photography featured it's "25 Top Camera Gear Deals of 2012...

Featured Tog: Neil Van Niekerk – 7′ Parabolic Umbrella

By 2 years ago

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Continuing the photo session with Ulorin Vex in the studio, I decided to swap...

LaRae Lobdell: Portrait Shoot Featuring the Apollo Orb & Dan Savage

By 2 years ago

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We have featured her before, but LaRae Lobdell has been one busy lady! She ...

Jayce Clarke: Using Apollo Orb to Control Light with Speedlites

By 2 years ago

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This article was written by Jayce Clarke and originally posted on his blog 07...

Grids for the Apollo™ Line Now Available

By 2 years ago

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Westcott brings three style grids to the Apollo™ line because of customer req...

Westcott Apollo Orb Receives Highlight in Advanced Photographer

By 2 years ago

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This past month Advanced Photographer Magazine out of the United Kingdom ...

#Tog Feat. Tuesday: LaRae Lobdell

By 2 years ago

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If you haven't had the chance to meet her, she is absolutely an amazing perso...

2011 Photoshop World Fall Expo Gallery

By 3 years ago

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Complete Educational Flash Softbox Kit Now Available

By 3 years ago

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Take incredible pictures with the first complete educational system for flash...

23-year-old Product Receives Makeover and Two Bonus Modifiers

By 3 years ago

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The 23-year-old ApolloTM line receives a makeover as well as two new addition...

New Product: Parabolic Umbrellas

By 4 years ago

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Westcott prepares to launch three new parabolic umbrellas to the market.TOL...

Taking Your Feedback to the Next Level!

By 4 years ago

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Back at the end of August we asked for your feedback on ways to improve existing product as well as new product. Well ~ we have a solution for you!

Westcott Launches NEW Commercial

By 4 years ago

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Westcott Lighting is currently running a Speedlite Promotion - the biggest promotion of the year!

Westcott Introduces Travel Size Asymmetrical Stripbank

By 5 years ago

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Westcott Now Offering the Bruce Dorn Select Asymmetrical Stripbank in C...

Westcott Introduces Shallow Soft Box

By 5 years ago

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Now Offering Soft Box with Narrower DepthTOLEDO, Oh. - June 1, 2009 - ...

Westcott Introduces Bruce Dorn Select Photo/Video Lighting Kits

By 5 years ago

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Westcott Now Offering Shallow Box Kits for Both Photo and VideoTOLEDO, Oh. ...

Two New Speedlite Kits Now Available

By 6 years ago

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Newest Additions of the Speedlite Light Modifier Family Provide Compact a...