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Beauty Portrait Lighting with Hernan Rodriguez

By 6 days ago

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This article is courtesy of celebrity portrait photographer Hernan Rodriguez....

On-Set of the Handmade Movement Series

By 1 week ago

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Behind-the-scenes images in this article are courtesy of The Handmade Movemen...

Using the Omega Reflector As a Shoot-Through

By 1 month ago

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The Omega Reflector is the world’s first 10-in-1 shoot-through reflector. The...

Lightapalooza 2013: The Journey

By 1 month ago

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This editorial is courtesy of Lightapalooza 2013 winner Debra Ledsinger. ...

Behind the Scenes with Craig Beckta and the Zeppelin

By 1 month ago

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On-location in Halifax, Canadian portrait photographer Craig Beckta used the ...

Adjusting Light Positioning for Portraiture

By 1 month ago

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Joel Grimes, a Westcott Top Pro Elite portrait photographer, creates a stunni...

How and When to Use A Neutral Density Filter

By 2 months ago

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When shooting portraits outdoors, it is typically necessary to use speedlites...

The History of the Eyelighter with Larry Peters

By 2 months ago

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Westcott, an industry-leading innovator of photo and video lighting products,...

Increasing Speedlite Power and Efficiency with the Triple Threat

By 2 months ago

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Canadian portrait photographer Craig Beckta utilizes the Westcott Triple Thre...

On Location with the Ice Light and Jim Schmelzer

By 3 months ago

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With new camera technology comes a new type of photographer: the hybrid photo...

Choosing the Right Light Modifier with Joel Grimes

By 3 months ago

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Both new photographers and experienced professionals often question which lig...

Light Painting with the Ice Light and Barndoors

By 3 months ago

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Commercial and editorial automotive photographer Andrew Link uses light paint...

Photographing Children with the Pocket Box

By 4 months ago

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Professional photography educator Erin Manning takes the Pocket Box Max modif...

Neil Van Niekerk Reviews the Rapid Box

By 4 months ago

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This article is courtesy of New Jersey portrait photographer Neil van Niekerk...

Environmental Portraiture with Andrew Tomasino

By 4 months ago

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This article is courtesy of Pennsylvanian portrait photographer And...

Behind-The-Scenes with Rick Nunn

By 4 months ago

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The following article is courtesy of English portrait photographer Rick Nunn....

Mixing Available Light with Artificial Light

By 5 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Rick Sammon is not only a renowned photographer, but is also...

Inspired Photography with George Deloache

By 6 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite George Deloache discusses his lighting set up behind t...

In Studio with Joel Grimes

By 7 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Joel Grimes has worked as commercial and ...

Craig Beckta: The Rapid Box Strip

By 7 months ago

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Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discuss...

Simple Lighting for Outdoor Portraits

By 7 months ago

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Photography educator Erin Manning shows simple lighting technique for capturi...

Thierry Dehove Parle De La Westcott Rapid Box

By 7 months ago

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Le photographe français Thierry Dehove décrit les fonctionnalités de la Westc...

Introducing the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic

By 7 months ago

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Westcott is proud to announce the latest addition to their softbox line-up: t...

Craig Beckta Reviews the 26″ Rapid Box

By 7 months ago

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Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discuss...

Justin Van Leeuwen Reviews the Westcott ProGrip

By 7 months ago

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Corporate and editorial portrait photographer Justin Van Leeuwen hails from O...

Eric Eggly and the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic

By 7 months ago

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Renowned commercial photographer Eric Eggly stopped by the Westcott studio to...

Product Photography From Home with Erin Manning

By 8 months ago

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Professional product photography can make all the difference in your success ...

Understanding Depth of Field with Terry White

By 8 months ago

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In photography, depth of field can be the difference between an average and a...

Shooting Luke Bryan for Rolling Stone with Drew Gurian

By 8 months ago

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This article is courtesy of celebrity and music photographer Drew Gurian....

7 Tips for Great Camera Flare

By 9 months ago

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This article on camera flare techniques is courtesy of Westcott Top Pro Elite...

Bob Davis on the ProGrip Speedlite Handle

By 9 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Bob Davis discusses the use of the new Pr...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box XXL

By 9 months ago

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Mike Osborn of Osborn Photography in central Illinois reviews the Rapid Box X...

Zeppelin Deep Parabolic: Assembly Tips

By 10 months ago

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Team Westcott walks photographers through the assembly process of the latest ...

How To Balance Sunlight with Terry White

By 10 months ago

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Shooting on a lake in Michigan, Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Terry Whi...

Terry White Reviews the ProGrip

By 10 months ago

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This review is courtesy of Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Terry White. ...

Understanding the Inverse Square Law

By 10 months ago

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This article was originally published on Digital Photography School and is us...

Continuous Lighting with Dave Cross

By 10 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Dave Cross discusses the Westcott Skylux ...

Celebrity Portraits with the Westcott Background Support System

By 11 months ago

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This Westcott Backdrop Stand review and the final celebrity portraits are cou...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 5: Camera Settings

By 11 months ago

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Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses the Westcott Spiderlite TD6 lights to d...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 4: Stripbank

By 11 months ago

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Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses the Westcott Spiderlite TD6 lights to d...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 3: Reflectors

By 11 months ago

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Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses two different Westcott Reflectors to di...

Rick Sammon on Using the Ice Light While Shooting in a Small Space

By 11 months ago

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Shooting in any type of small space can be difficult, especially in a vehicle...

Shooting a Nighttime Portrait with a Softbox

By 11 months ago

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Nashua, New Hampshire portrait photographer Sid Ceaser of Sid Ceaser Photog...

Macro Photography: Spiderlite TD5 Review

By 1 year ago

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This review of the Spiderlite TD5 is courtesy of photographer David Saffir of...

Halloween Portraiture by Tim Breaseale

By 1 year ago

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This photography blog post was originally written by photographer Tim Breasea...

Strobelite Plus Walkthrough with Erik Valind

By 1 year ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind discusses all of the features and uses of ...

Shutter Magazine’s Review of the Westcott Skylux

By 1 year ago

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Award-winning photographer Sal Cincotta of Shutter Magazine discusses the Wes...

Real Deal Review: Five-in-One Reflector Kit

By 1 year ago

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In this Westcott Real Deal Review, we sent photographer Jennifer Jackson from...

Rick Sammon on Adjusting Light Placement

By 1 year ago

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Join Westcott Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon as he demonstrates how light placemen...

Real Deal Review – The Rapid Box Speedlite Kit

By 1 year ago

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Team Westcott sent portrait and wedding photographer Benny Migs the Westcott ...

Erik Valind Gaining Great Expression From Your Subjects

By 1 year ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind offers a photography quick tip in this Wes...

Using the Perfect Pair Kit Through a Window

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Elite Photographer Bob Davis heads to the streets of the big city to ...

Continuous Light with Skylux LED

By 1 year ago

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Join Westcott Top Pro Rafael "RC" Concepcion and the Kelby Media Group as the...

Composition Tips with Rick Sammon

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Elite Photographer Rick Sammon discusses the rules of composition in ...

Going Retro with Hernan Rodriguez

By 1 year ago

2.11K Views1 Comments

Top Pro and Celebrity photographer Hernan Rodriguez takes us back in time wit...

Ice Light Review by Marc Mikhail

By 1 year ago

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This Ice Light Review was provided by Marc Mikhail, Wedding photographer from...

Ice Light Commercial Starring Jerry Ghionis

By 1 year ago

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This Ice Light commercial was produced by Ice Light creator, Jerry Ghionis.  ...

Improving Detail Shots Using the Pocket Box

By 1 year ago

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Adorama Photography TV Presents Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin ...

Quick Tip: Using a Reflector Outdoors

By 1 year ago

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Join Top Pro Elite Photographer Rick Sammon as he explains when it would be a...

Painting with Light

By 1 year ago

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Adobe Creative Director Russell Brown shows us how he produced a beautiful im...

Quick Tip: How to Fold a Reflector

By 1 year ago

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This video tip features Brandon from Westcott and it shows two easy methods o...

Real Deal Review: Westcott Triple Threat Speedlite Bracket

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Ben Weatherston reviews the Westcott Triple Threat with a 7 foot...

Wedding Photography Lighting Tips: Part 2

By 1 year ago

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Westcott Top Pro Jim Schmelzer continues his wedding photography lighting tip...

Using Green Screen to Create Travel Photos

By 1 year ago

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Erin Manning shows us how easy it is to create Travel Photography photos usin...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box Speedlite System

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Kelli D. from West Virginia had the chance to review the Rapid B...

Real Deal Review: Pocket Box Speedlite Modifiers

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Nicole M. from Washington reviews the Westcott Basics Pocket Box...

Real Deal Review: Ice Light and PowerPack

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Tom S. reviews the Westcott Ice Light and the Ice Light PowerPac...

Real Deal Review: 50″ Mega Apollo Modifier

By 1 year ago

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Watch Charles E. from New York as he reviews the 50" Mega JS Apollo for this ...

Getting Creative with a White Background

By 1 year ago

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[vc_row][vc_column width="1/4"][vc_single_image image="133048" img_link_large...

Speedlite Photos for Graduation Photos

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Erin Manning from Los Angeles, California uses a Westcott Pocket Box ...

Stillmotion: Shooting a Super Bowl Feature

By 1 year ago

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Lighting With No Time, On The Fly? When it came to lighting, we often had ...

Photographing Athletes on Location with the Ice Light

By 1 year ago

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With this shoot, the goal was to recreate what I like to call “Sports Illustr...

Outdoor Portraits Using Scrim Jim and Parabolic Umbrella

By 1 year ago

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Professional Photographer Lou Freeman as she shoots part of her new DVD serie...

Lighting for Portrait Compositing

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Mark Johnson has created some amazing composites in the last few...

Seven Tips for Shooting with a Speedlite in a Softbox

By 2 years ago

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This article is courtesy of renowned photograpger and Westcott Top Pro Elite ...

Building a Photography Crew on a Budget

By 2 years ago

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People photography can be a tough gig sometimes, especially when you're just ...

Wedding Portraits Using the Ice Light by Andrew Funderburg

By 2 years ago

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This article is courtesy of  photographer and software designer Andrew Funder...

Painting with Light Using the Ice Light

By 2 years ago

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This article is courtesy of  photographer and software designer Andrew Funder...

Putting Together a Photography Portfolio

By 2 years ago

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I’ve had the privilege of meeting photographers at every stage of their caree...

50″ Mega JS Apollo: Perfect for One or More

By 2 years ago

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Now that the Apollo line has expanded even further you might find yourself wo...

Lighting Setup: Not One-Size-Fits-All

By 2 years ago

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Lighting Setup isn't one-size-fits-all. "From bald heads to people with glas...

Review: X-Drop Backdrop System by Terry White

By 2 years ago

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If you're traveling to do an on location portrait shoot you can either ut...

Mounting an Apollo Light Modifier to a Mono Arm

By 2 years ago

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Here is a quick video tip on how to mount the 43" Apollo Orb on the Mono Arm....

Comparing Large Vs. Small Photo Umbrellas

By 2 years ago

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Photographic umbrellas come in so many sizes nowadays, perhaps even more so t...

Simple Speedlites – When to Use Which Shoe?

By 2 years ago

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Lets talk quickly about the two kinds of shoes out there for holding your fla...

If I Had One Modifier on an Island

By 2 years ago

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At the end of every workshop I inevitably get asked the desert island questio...

Light Meter – Do You Need One?

By 2 years ago

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We asked Top Pro Photographer Erik Valind to write a blog on using a light me...

Shooting with Perspective

By 2 years ago

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Perspective It's good to have a little perspective - to know where you...

Using Apollo Orb to Control Light with Speedlites

By 2 years ago

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Levels Aimed At: Simple lighting setup with a little practice. One light s...

Photographic Composition: Beyond the Rule of Thirds

By 2 years ago

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In this B&H Event Space seminar, David Brommer covers the basic concepts ...

Move Your Feet

By 2 years ago

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This is something that you may have heard before in reference to using prime ...

Scott Kelby: Rules of Composition

By 2 years ago

292 Views0 Comments

A few weeks back, Scott Kelby hosted the first ever Google + Conference for p...

Interview with Erik Valind on Environmental Portraits

By 2 years ago

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Commercial, portrait, and lifestyle photography Erik Valind joins Henry's TV ...

Speedlite Photo Tutorial by FroKnowsPhoto

By 2 years ago

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A 61-minute video by Adam Lerner and Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto featuring...

General Photo Tips for Creating an Amazing Image

By 2 years ago

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Award winning wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis joins host Mark Shannon on t...

Dark Field Imaging Tips and Techniques

By 2 years ago

743 Views1 Comments

You know those images of wine glasses that have glowing edges against a s...

Watt Seconds: Just What Are They?

By 3 years ago

749 Views1 Comments

There is quite a use of the term “watt second” in our industry. It has come to represent the power of a strobe. However, this is not necessarily the most accurate method to compare power for Strobe units. The current definition of watt second is a unit of stored energy. Why do watt seconds matter & why understand them? It is extremely understand that watt seconds are not the most important part. It's almost like shopping for a new tv. Just as screen size will not determine the quality of the tv, the amount of watt seconds should not be the only determining factor.