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Modifying Speedlites in Confined Spaces

By 5 months ago

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Modifying speedlites on-the-go and in confined spaces can be difficult. Light...

Mastering Location Lighting with Lindsay Adler

By 7 months ago

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This article on location lighting for photography is courtesy of renowned bea...

Creating a Summer Portrait In Studio with Jim Schmelzer

By 7 months ago

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Have you ever wanted to create a warm, summer portrait in unfavorable weather...

Environmental Portraiture with Andrew Tomasino

By 8 months ago

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This article is courtesy of Pennsylvanian portrait photographer And...

Craig Beckta Reviews the 35″ Zeppelin

By 9 months ago

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Halifax portrait photographer Craig Beckta reviews the Westcott Zeppelin Deep...

Behind-The-Scenes with Rick Nunn

By 9 months ago

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The following article is courtesy of English portrait photographer Rick Nunn....

Outdoor Portraiture in Bad Weather

By 10 months ago

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Chicago portrait and wedding photographer Bob Davis is a 25 year veteran of p...

Shooting in Sunlight with Rick Nunn

By 1 year ago

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This article is courtesy of English photographer and designer Rick Nunn....

Macro Photography: Spiderlite TD5 Review

By 1 year ago

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This review of the Spiderlite TD5 is courtesy of photographer David Saffir of...

Painting with Light

By 1 year ago

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Adobe Creative Director Russell Brown shows us how he produced a beautiful im...

Bruce Dorn: Portraits with Speedlites (Part 5)

By 2 years ago

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Explorer of Light and Westcott Top Pro Elite Bruce Dorn has been teaching Spe...

The Art of Portrait Photography: Part 4

By 2 years ago

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Environmental Portraits Posing singer Melissa Phillippe in front of her pian...

Diffuse Light and Alter Light Using the Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Erik Valind, Professional Photographer and Westcott Endorsed Pro talks about ...

Shooting Outdoors: Headshots in the Park

By 2 years ago

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Shooting Outdoors Rocks When given the choice between shooting in a studio o...

Interview with Erik Valind on Environmental Portraits

By 2 years ago

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Commercial, portrait, and lifestyle photography Erik Valind joins Henry's TV ...

Ed Pierce: Outdoor Portrait Using a Reflector Kit

By 2 years ago

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Outdoor portrait shoot by photographer Ed Pierce using a Westcott 4-in-1 Refl...