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Courtney Dailey was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan where she first found her love of photography. Raised in a fairly liberal household, her creativity was encouraged. Throughout her childhood, she studied several artistic mediums and learned the importance of image perception. Starting with the AE-1 she often "borrowed" from her neighbors as a young girl, Courtney photographed the fields of flowers she ran in, the fog in which she played "ghost in the graveyard" in, and the pets she loved.

Now she takes her lessons learned and her love for beauty and bakes them together. She loves creating dreamy, magical images. Courtney has always believed photography has no rules. "It's a combination of imagination, creation, humor and practiced technique."

In 2007, she hit the road and set up shop in Los Angeles, California. She thinks it was a good move. Courtney is in the process of "greening" her studio and is one of the few photographers who can offer eco-friendly shooting options.

Web sites like the Huffington Post and the Daily Green.com have featured her work and recognized her participation in the green fashion community.

In addition, since her arrival she has been featured on Vogue.it and published in magazines such as Disfunkshion, Chiffon, Vamp'd, Coco Eco, and Scratch. Courtneys clients include: Scratch, VAMPD Magazine, FAKE, Flair NOW, Chiffon Magazine, w25 Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, Marie Claire, Disfunkshion Magazine, Indeed Magazine, KollagenX, Coco Eco Magazine, A Distinctive Style, Galrilla, Galrilla Homme, Ambassador Magazine, Ace Magazine, Kouture Magazine, OUCH Magazine, Ecorazzi, ESPN, GMAC, Bread and Butter, Cassie Betts, JJ Winters, Kelly Nishimoto, Ed Hardy, Auraline Beauty, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics, Daniel Chinchilla Cosmetics and Julian Rouas Paris.


As a beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey knows the business of beauty. Based in Los Angeles, she leads teams of beauty experts creating images from prep to post. Known for her use of color, she delivers imagery that is colorful, dramatic, and confident. She feels all images should communicate concepts, stories, or evoke feelings.

Receiving her B.A. in Communications from Oakland University, she has the ability to help her clients oversee projects from concept/creation/post-production. Sites like Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, and thedailygreen.com have featured her work for her participation in the green fashion community.

Courtney currently is sponsored by Tamron USA, Tether Tools and was chosen as one of F.J. Westcott Lighting’s “top professionals”.

Some of her clients include: Schwarzkopf, Jordana Cosmetics, Elle, Cosmo, Allure, Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Vanidades, Temptu Cosmetics, Demarco Diamonds, University Medical, Chrome Girl, FHI Haircare, Knesko Skin, Scratch Magazine, ESPN, and GMAC.

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