Westcott Top Pro Photographer
In 2013, Craig began sharing his love of Photography via YouTube with the goal of inspiring Photographers with his tips and tricks... His instructional online training videos have gone on to reach Photography lovers in over 212 countries around the globe. When it comes to light shaping, Westcott is his first choice in the studio and on location. You can find out more about Craig Beckta's online training courses and workshops on YouTube and his website.


Craig Beckta is a photographer, videographer, and producer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Craig is best known for his educational video tutorials available on his popular YouTube account. He has produced videos for well-regarded brands including Zeiss, Phase One, and Datacolor. Craig recently co-hosted a successful portrait lighting workshop with world-renowned photographer Peter Hurley. Craig is also a guest writer for popular photography educational site SLR Lounge. 

Lighting is one of the best tools we have to sculpt someones face and emphasize their best features. With one camera, one lens, and one light, you can create images that have the ability to inspire millions of people around the world. There is a greatness and uniqueness in you, and all you have to do is find your unique voice. Creativity isn’t something limited to the lucky ones among us. It is available to anyone who chooses to claim it. My goal is to inspire you and motivate you, to go out and create something magical…

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