We are currently accepting submissions for Westcott Top Pros. All selected applicants will have a page dedicated to them which includes their images, biography, seminar dates, workshops, gear list, and educational materials as appropriate. Top Pro images may potentially be used for future promotional pieces and advertisements. All Top Pros receive accreditation and may attach the official Top Pro logo to their name, work, print materials, and web site for the period of one year. In addition, Top Pros may receive free tickets to seminars, trade shows, workshops and also be eligible for Westcott product discounts!


Westcott Top Pro Application
  • In a few sentences, let us know what you're all about and how your work stands out in the crowd.
  • Please submit 5 samples of your work that best showcase your talents.
    We will never sell your info and promise to only send stuff we think you'll really enjoy.
    Contest Regulations: Top Westcott Endorsed Pros will be chosen by a panel of judges based on originality and overall quality, with an emphasis on lighting. We'd prefer you submit photographs taken using Westcott products, though not mandatory. Winners may be asked to sign an affidavit of eligibility and grant of rights, and to submit all model releases and comments required for publication. By entering, contestants certify that images are original and do not infringe on any third-party rights. Contestants will retain the rights to their photographs. However, contestants grant Westcott and its agency unlimited usage rights. Every time an image is showcased, the photographer's name will appear somewhere next to or on the image. Contest winner must be capable of providing Westcott with a high resolution version of the photo submitted. High resolution is a minimum 300dpi image in order to ensure accurate reproduction in print. If you have any questions regarding this contest please give us a call at 1-800-886-1689 or send us an email. Void where prohibited by law. Terms & Conditions: I hereby certify that the image(s) I upload to Top Westcott Endorsed Pros is my original work and has never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner. I understand it is my sole responsibility to obtain a written release from any recognizable person or property/location (if applicable) in a submitted photo. I am uploading my image(s) as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and I understand that it may be published on Westcott's website, in print advertising, catalogs, or any other form of print or web marketing. Every time my image is showcased, I understand my name will appear somewhere next to, or on the image. I understand that if my image(s) is offensive or found to infringe on third party rights, then it will be removed from any print or web marketing materials.