This post was written by Andrew ‘Fundy’ Funderburg, CEO of Fundy Software

I love the Ice Lights because they are so portable, versatile and powerful all at the same time. I can use them effectively on any type of shoot. – Andrew Funderburg

One of my favorite aspects of the Ice Lights is that they are so portable and easy to handle. And when shooting High School seniors I often use open shade and need to throw in just a little bit of extra light.

Shot Details

Image Descriptions: (1) In this location, the subject had just a bit more light behind her than the light coming in. I wanted to keep the angle, so used the Ice Lights to fill in a bit of light. (2) You can see from the set up, I had one Ice Light above the subject placed horizontally and held by a light stand. The second Ice Light was placed vertically and powered down two stops.

Camera Settings: The images below were shot at f/1.8 at an equivalent focal length of 150mm. 


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