For lighting couples on location, the Ice Light is an invaluable tool. Last weekend I went out with two models to put the Ice Light through it’s paces. I went out after dark so I could really test out the strength of the Ice Lights. With the portability, the long-lasting battery and balanced light output, it really is a no-brainer on location. Jerry Ghionis, the creator of the Ice Light, is one of the most well known wedding photographers around. From the soft light you can create on location, it’s obvious why wedding photographers love the Ice Light.


In the first shot, I set up a simple dual key light, with one light high on the bride and one light low on the groom.


In the second shot, I went for a main key light set high to the left and a fill light set lower to the right.


For shot three, I used just one Ice Light as the main light to the right. With the Ice Light at a 45 degree angle from the bride and groom I could create flattering light on both of them.



With Shot Four, I wanted to create some dramatic light on the groom. I found a fantastic old sign that read “Positively No Smoking.” For this shot I placed one light high to the right and one light lower to the right so I could bring in very directional lighting across the model.


For shot five I wanted to keep things simple, just one light high up 45 degrees to the left. With the posing I was able to light the bride fairly flat and have some cross light coming across the groom.


With shot six, I was able to get two shots with one set up. I light both subject independently. For the groom, I placed the Ice Light straight up and to the left of the subject to create a cross light. For the bride I wanted a flatter light, so I brought the Ice Light a bit further away from the bride and angled it down to 45 degrees. Now without moving the light I was able to bring the groom over and light both subjects with one Ice Light.

This article is courtesy of  photographer and software designer Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Software.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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