Join commercial photographer Eric Eggly behind the scenes of this cinematic  photography shoot using Westcott’s continuous LED light, the Skylux (the final installment of the four part series). Here, Eric utilizes a single Skylux modified by a softbox and grid to balance the ambient and window lighting in the scene.

The 🔗Skylux LED is the newest system in the Westcott lineup, packing 1000 watts of dimmable continuous light.  Continuous lights offer the ability to shoot booth photography and videography, giving photography a “what you see is what you get” lighting advantage.  The Skylux LED is a daylight-balanced 5600 degrees kelvin,  providing a very clean color temperature to your scene. Another great feature of the new Skylux is the ability to mount nearly any modifier to these lights.  Along with mounting an umbrella through the unit, you can add softboxes, grids, snoots, and in this video, barn doors. All of this is possible due to the Bowens S-type mount built directly into the Skylux.

Westcott Softboxes are backed by 5 and 7 year warranties making them some of the most durable in the industry.  Small softboxes are essential as a key light, often positioned towards a model. Stripbank modifiers are most commonly used as a hair light or an edge light, adding further depth and dimension to an image.

Eric Eggly - Cinematic Photography

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