This article on creative food photography is courtesy of Seattle food photographer Steve Hansen.

My photographic style requires that I have complete control over the quality and directionality of my light. I tend to create images that are either very high key or low key in nature and after using everything from the most expensive strobes to natural window light, nothing quite compares to the look I can achieve with a single Ice Light.

With this pizza shoot, I used the tungsten gel attachment and the barn doors to create a light source that resembled the light you would get from a wood-fired oven. I didn’t want the light too intense or too warm in temperature, just a quality of light that would make the pizza even more appealing. Using the barn doors attachment, I was able to control the light in a way that allowed the source to appear soft but also rake across the toppings to accentuate all of the delicious textures and create the beautiful highlights.

Creative Food Photography Lighting Setup

Creative Food Photography

Steve Hansen is a Seattle-based commercial food and beverage photographer who specializes in creating images for advertising and packaging. For more food photography tips, visit his blog: Steve Hansen | Seattle Food Photographer

Lighting Gear in Action

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