Adorama Photography TV Presents Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Join Gavin as he undertakes another 15 minute photo challenge at “Lovingly Made” vintage store.  During the photoshoot, Gavin determined that his lighting was not ideal, so he decided to bring in some artificial light. In this video, Gavin uses a Canon 60D, and a 580EX speedlite in combination with the Westcott Pocket Box to achieve beautiful detail shots.

After the 15 minute photoshoot is complete, follow Gavin in to Photoshop CS6 where he chooses his favorite photo from the challenge to process in Adobe Camera RAW before bringing back in to Photoshop to add the final touches. Some of the detail shots that Gavin achieves are amazing, with the power from the Pocket Box

The Pocket Box used in this video is one of the simplest light modifiers that photographers can use. Simply mount the Pocket Box to a standard speedlite flash and cut down on harsh lighting.  The Pocket Box comes in three different sizes.  The circular option provides nice round catch lights in the eyes of your subject, while there are two different different sized square options.  The larger one provides a softer look while the smaller one is more edgy.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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