Respected educator and Top Pro photographer Zach Gray often utilizes speedlites when shooting fashion portraits on location. Speedlites are lightweight and easy to travel with without external power or excessive luggage. To match the portability of speedlites, Westcott developed a series of speedlite modifiers that were equally easy to use and compact. The Rapid Box softbox series features umbrella-style framework that sets-up instantly and fully-adjustable shoe mount brackets that fit virtually all speedlites. For this on-location portrait series, Zach uses the 🔗Rapid Box Octa and two 🔗Rapid Box Strips to create dynamic and dimensional images.

Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 1Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 2Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 3Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 4Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 5Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 6Fashion Portraits - Zach Gray 7

Lighting Gear in Action