This is something that you may have heard before in reference to using prime lenses on your camera. How do you zoom with a prime lens? You move your feet. This same advice rings true throughout the shooting experience. Here is a great example where moving your feet will get you multiple looks with minimal effort.

The following photos were lit with a single Spiderlite TD6 constant light with a 36″x48″ Shallow Softbox. I placed my model, Nicole, against a neat concrete wall in the studio we were using, and asked her not to move.

Take a look at this first photo taken from position “A”. Shooting from right in front of my softbox we captured a classic flat lighting pattern on our models face.

Now in the second photo all I did was move my feet around a bit to shooting position “B”. Without moving my model or my light stand, we achieved a drastically different look. In this case we have a great example of a Rembrandt Lighting pattern. This lighting is a little more dramatic with more shadows, and really accents our models facial features.

To go a step further I moved over to shooting position “C” and took another photo. Now we are working with a sliver of rim light on our models face. This lighting is similar to what we would get when using a strip light softbox, but we achieved it without changing modifiers. All three of these photos were taken in under 30 seconds, by moving nothing but my feet.

So next time you’re out shooting make sure to walk around and grab some different angles of the same setup. Who knows… you may come away with a different and better photo than the one you had originally envisioned. This technique is also a great way to produce a wide variety of looks when working with a limited amount of time. The more photos to chose from the better. Happy shooting!

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action


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