Joao Carlos writes, “I was commissioned in January by the fabulous team at Noble Salon and Sebastian Hair Products to shoot a series of images inspired by Hollywood Divas. Everyone at Noble was involved – from the more experienced stylist to the junior stylist to the colorists, my job was not only to shoot, but also help each creative team conceptualize their images. Everyone at Noble did a amazing job! It was a pleasure working with everyone and I hope we get the chance to create more amazing images in the future.”

The Noble Team

The Noble Creative Team is composed of Erica Paronich, Ferdone Haidar, Deborah Caputo, Coco Jiang Jessica Montanaro, Nicole Wunderlich, Nicole Faugno, Holly Hughes, Livio Piana,Christine “Pia” Livoti,Ashley Fiore, Danielle Fecteau, Raquel Ribiero, John Esposito, Samantha Bailin, Brie O’Brien, Lauren Beeman, Adrienne Gemma, Nancy Lionetti. And of course Robert Conte, Gina Cowher and Gary Noble.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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