The most eye-catching photo shoot locations are often the hardest to get to. Take Zach Gray’s dream location on a Colorado river for example. Zach wants to photograph his clients from eye-level and practically in the water, requiring his assistant to balance carefully among the rocks just above his subjects.

Zach knows that he’ll need a single light source to make his subjects pop in the image. So he chooses to use his most portable lighting setup: a 400 watt-second flash attached to a battery pack and modified by an Apollo Orb. The strobe is placed inside the Apollo, bouncing light off of the silver interior and softening it with the Apollo’s diffusion front.

Despite its large profile, the 🔗 is extremely lightweight and its fiberglass frame is very durable. This allows Zach to create a soft and large light source without the hassle of transporting a bulky modifier down the steep riverbed. Its lightweight design allows makes it much easier for his assistants to perch the light out over the water.

By precisely placing the couple, Zach is also able to use the available sunlight as a subtle backlight. This helps to separate his subjects from the background.

Portable Lighting Portrait by Zach Gray 2

Portable Lighting Portrait by Zach Gray 10

Portable Lighting Portrait by Zach Gray

Lighting Gear in Action