Scott Kelby from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) gives us his take on the Spiderlite TD5. Scott takes us through what he likes about the lights and does a live portrait shoot with the lights to show the quality of the Spiderlite TD5. In this video, Scott uses a variety of Westcott Softboxes as well to light his model.  His main light is a 36″ by 48″ large softbox and his hair light is a 24″ by 32″ softbox. For a fill light in this video, Scott uses a reflector to fill some of the shadows created by the main light.  Finally, Scott incorporates a Fast Flag which can block light from reaching the camera, and creating lens flare.

The Spiderlite TD5 features 900 watts of continuous light and the photographer can choose whether to use daylight balanced or tungsten lights in this unit.  The light is adjustable with three switches on the back of the unit, allowing photographers to “dial down” the power for instances where you need less output.  The TD5 has a speed ring built right into the head making it easy for photographers to mount any four post box onto this unit, and modify the light even more. TD5s have been upgraded recently to the new Spiderlite TD6.

Westcott Softboxes are backed by 5 year warranties making them some of the most durable in the industry.  Large softboxes are great for covering an entire subject like in this live portrait shoot.  Stripbank boxes or medium boxes are great for a hair light or an edge light.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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