In most cases, working photographers are not able to choose their preferred photoshoot location. Even when your wedding, senior, and engagement clients choose locations that offer a perfect background, there is a pretty good possibility that you’ll be working in undesirable lighting. And sometimes, unfortunately, you’ll be stuck shooting in a location that is both boring and poorly lit.

Thankfully you have the ability to turn relatively boring images into interesting portraits, regardless of location or available light. All it takes is a little creativity and few tools from your bag to make it happen.

Here, experienced photographer and educator Zach Gray turns a boring location and harsh window lighting into interesting portraits in just a few simple steps.

First, Zach begins by taking a couple test shots to analyze the lighting. He knows that he needs to make something interesting and creative to turn this setting into something special.

He balances this ambient light with a speedlite modified by a Rapid Box. Zach slows his shutter speed to reduce contrast for a dreamy “washed out” effect.

Zach often utilizes speedlites when shooting on location. Speedlites are lightweight and easy to travel with without external power or excessive luggage. To match the portability of speedlites, the Rapid Box softbox series features unique and compact framework that sets-up instantly.

To even further modify the available lighting, Zach has his assistant hold up a reflector to block the sunlight hitting his subject from a separate window.

The results are stunning. With just a single light, Zach transforms what would have been a boring image into a truly interesting portrait.

Lighting Gear in Action

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