This photo shoot was in the middle of the day in Detroit, Mi . The before image shows how I exposed for the background with no flash at 1/8000 @ 2.8 in order to achieve shallow depth of field. Using Pocket Wizard’s hypersync on the flex tt5 with the newest firmware upgrade, I took a Speedotron explorer 1,500 watt portable strobe with a 103 head outside. I paired it with a large Westcott soft box, placed it 10 feet away and matched the sun with soft lighting outside. We are now finally able to shoot in raw sun at greater distances with soft light, using shutter speeds never before reached, with full frame sensors like Canon 5dmark3.

Westcott Softboxes are backed by 5 and 7 year warranties making them some of the most durable in the industry.  Large softboxes are great for covering an entire person like in this studio outdoor hypersync photoshoot.  Stripbank boxes are another option and are great for a hair light or an edge light.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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