In this video, Top Pro Elite Zach Gray uses the 26″ Rapid Box Octa in combination with the Rapid Box Strip to create amazing-looking outdoor fashion photography in the desert of Nevada.

Zach Grey is a lighting expert, consistently striving to capture elegant images with impeccable highlights and shadows, a skill demonstrated in these fashion shots. He is able to properly illuminate his subjects with both massive lighting equipment and lightweight softboxes. During this selection of shots captured in the Nevada desert, Zach utilizes two Westcott Rapidboxes. The first, a 26” Rapid Box Octa, is used as the main light. By attaching a small deflector plate, Zach is able to eliminate any hot spots and take advantage of the softbox’s highly-reflective silver interior, giving the box a “beauty-dish quality”.

The second Rapid Box used throughout this shoot is the 10” x 24” Strip. This narrow box is placed behind the model as a fill light. Utilizing a fill light in this shot gives Zach the ability to capture higher dimension and contrast. Both boxes feature outside speedlite placement, allowing for quick adjustments and wireless triggering.

As the sun begins to set, Zach is able to remove the Rapid Box Strip in a second set-up and use only the main Rapid Box Octa. With the sun as a fill light on camera-left, he places the main light to camera-right and creates a hot spot.. Zach over-exposes the main light by 1-stop, painting a pristine light source on the model’s face. The results are stunning.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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